Luxurious watch brand: All You Need To Know About NICOLAS WALLET

Have you heard of the luxurious watch brand NICOLAS WALLET before? Keep reading, because you're about to know everything about it.

How it all started

It all started when I decided to do something else. I was a Business Intelligence Consultant for years and helped the business to get insight into their data. Before this, I was an After Sales Manager at a car dealer group, after I was graduated as a car engineer.

I wanted to do something else and because of my interest in watches, I decided to start a watch brand. Quality products are important to me and that's why it needed to be a Swiss Made watch brand. As I mentioned before I also love cars, and especially supercars. I visited a couple of times the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agatha Bolognese in Italy and I'm always impressed by the dedication of the workers and their craftsmanship. I wanted to see this also in my watches.

Watch brand name NICOLAS WALLET

My official name is Nicolaas so the brand is named after me. In the Netherlands, they like the name Wallet, because you hear it everywhere nowadays. It was easy for me to use this name as a brand name, and because it's my name, I want to make sure that people will love the products with my name on it.

Luxurious Swiss Made Watches

With our brand, we have luxurious men and women's watches in our collection. The collection is inspired by supercars. They both have high-end materials and are luxurious 

The men's watches have all black dial and an orange second hand. This refers to the speedometer in a supercar. The orange color of the second hands comes from my country the Netherlands. Because in the past the last name of the king became orange and so the color of our country is orange.

The women's watches are very luxurious and have 14 diamonds on the bezel. This refers also to the luxurious supercars who are also showy, just as our women's collection.

You maybe never heard before of the new watch brand NICOLAS WALLET, but now you have more information about the brand and where it stands for. Haven't you seen the collection before? Here you will find the men's watches and here the women's watches

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